You’re motivated- now what?

THE WORK – it’s time to get like Nike and JUST DO IT!

The world is full of motivation and inspiring quotes at every turn. But here’s what people rarely tell you- in order to level up in your business, you MUST commit to the work! You must take intentional action! You have to get in the game!

As a business owner, you might find yourself jumping to do many things and then you’re STUCK! You’ve hit a wall and realize you have no clue what you’re doing or where you are headed.

That’s where I come in with STRATEGY — the “secret sauce”!

I see strategy and systems in my sleep! With strategy, you are setting yourself up to do work that will take your business or project to the next level. No more making excuses or running circles in the wrong direction. Working with Tab means less stress, clear actionable steps and more revenue in your business!

Here’s why you should work with me….

  • Lead two successful businesses and a not-for-profit entity

  • Secured over $850,000 in grant awards, in-kind donations and crowdfunded support.

  • Clients average 25-30% increased revenue in first 45 days

  • Helped over 25 clients create digital content that converts to sales

  • Collectively created over 1,000 hours of social media content




You need actionable steps and we will determine your needs by first understanding the basics- what you do and who you are serving? From there, we will build your business strategy and resources to help you reach your goals! If you start implementing action from our session, I guarantee that you will see results! With options ranging from 15-minute consultations to full day working sessions, every client will leave with a customized plan leading you to ultimate business success!

Pick Tab’s Brain

This session is PERFECT for you if you’re:

  • In the idea phase of your business or social initiative
  • Already started and making some traction but feel stuck or confused on the next steps
  • Have been working at things for a while but want to a) add more services or b) pivot in a new direction.

This is not a coaching or consulting session, this session allows you to ask questions and get direct answers and strategies. We end this session with at least 3-key action steps for you to move forward.

Fit Assessment Session

This session is PERFECT for you if you’re:

  • Looking to diversify the way you serve your customers or clients
  • Have reached a ceiling in your business income
  • Have the desire to grow your small business with added automations and/or contracted help
  • Need to refine your systems and structure

During this session we will overview your current offers, connections, goals, processes and desires. At the conclusion of the session, you’ll have a blueprint for moving forward with your business + brand for the remainder of 2021 and if it’s a good fit, we can develop a plan for recurring sessions or a one-time VIP day.

Monthly Masterclasses

Each month we offer a 4-hour masterclass on the strategy behind messaging, marketing and monetizing for service providers and social entrepreneurs. This is perfect for women looking to make at least 5K per month in their business but can’t quite crack the code on how to do this consistently.

Masterclass Includes:

  • 5 Ways to Create Copy that resonates directly with your target audience.
  • How to diversity your marketing efforts efficiently and effectively.
  • Where the Money Resides: 4 ways to increase your income without adding tons of tasks to the to-do list.

Strategy Day

**Must have completed a fit-assessment prior to booking this offer**

6 Hour Strategy Day (Can be broken into multiple days) with our team to develop an action plan for team use based on the deliverables provided after your fit-assessment session.

This offer includes:

  • Preliminary industry research
  • 30-days of email support for questions and insight.