Why Adjusting is ALWAYS a Necessary Part of the Process

As we continue to forward through March and deal with a pandemic, you may notice that people are responding on every end of the spectrum. Some very calm, some very overwhelmed, and some like myself, somewhere in between. Take an assessment of where you are, how you’re feeling and how you’re handling the shift(s) this is bringing to your life.

Remember during this time to breathe and keep in mind that everything is a part of the process. One thing is inevitable during this lifetime, things will happen!

Times such as these remind us that adjusting is ALWAYS a necessary part of the process!

We all have goals in mind, however, things won’t always go the way we plan. Like who saw this coming? When life happens, and it will happen at some point, just adjust your plans. The same way you came up with a plan from the beginning, you have to adjust and create a different plan when something “inconvenient” pops up.

When you learn to adjust and accept life for what it is, you will continue to grow and flourish. Life can make or break us. It’s important not to lose sight of what matters to you.

My favorite saying lately has been one I heard a few years ago while listening to a Les Brown speech, “when things go wrong, don’t go with them” — let that sink in, adjust as needed and move forward!


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