Who Are You Becoming

Can you answer the question “Who Am I Becoming” with words you truly believe? Are you in alignment with where you are heading? If you took a pause, it’s time to look at what is holding you back. Then, it’s time to release.

It’s not Spring, but there is a serious shift & growth process going on and it’s time to take heed and keep going. If there’s someone in your life that just isn’t catching on with the new you, it’s time to cut down on communication. If there’s a mindset block keeping you from reaching the level you are supposed to be in, it’s time to invest in some self-development books, a coach, or anything that will help you.

Now is not the time to hope for the best or wait on a later date. That “New Year, New Me” Mindset can leave right now. Right now, it’s where is (your name here) going and what does (your name here) need to do to get there!

Be sure to continually invest in who you are AND who you are becoming. Be okay with things not going your way the first time. Be okay with change and shifts within your personal and professional life.  Additionally, don’t be afraid of leaving things and people behind. Not everyone is meant to stay your entire journey. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, who you were and who you are becoming may or may not connect with the same circles, habits, or situations. It’s okay!

Let go, execute and continue to ask yourself, “Who Am I Becoming?”


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