What’s Next: Beyond Millennial

Can you begin to imagine what the world of work will look like in 5-years? 10-years? 20-years? Is this a thought within your organization? Rather you are in a small-business, large corporation, non-profit or currently a “soloprenuer” it is necessary to keep in mind the shifting nature of work, of life, of society and societal norms. With the rapid popularity of freelancing, social entrepreneurship and my favorite, delayed “adulting”, we as business leaders must develop work-plans, appealing offerings and engaging activities for the next generation of employees, of creatives, of innovative minds, of people.

Join me in not being a complainer of laziness, a criticizer of spoiled or a “naggy” old person. Join me in developing progressive ways of thinking, join me in figuring out ways to set our future leaders up for unique greatness. If we are on the front-end of knowing what challenges will come as more millennial and beyond minds pipeline into the work-world, we can adjust to cultivate. No, no, no I am not saying alter your entire structure to cater to “the new”, however I am letting you know that if millenials will leave, I am quite sure the “beyond millenials” will as well. Leave and figure it out, leave and go home, leave and find someone who is willing to use their strengths for the good of the organization.

Are you on the front-end of thinking about what’s next? If so, what does that look like for your organization? If not, how can you pull together leaders to create a forward thinking committee or action team. Rather you read this and take action or read this and say “whatever”, remember “what’s next” will soon be “what’s now”.


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