This is Your Time

This is the season to self-reflect and, to put it nicely, OWN your stuff! We understand it’s been a tough year. The fact that you are still here, still planning, still getting up, etc, speaks volumes.

On the internet, there will always be others trying to deemphasize the value of others while concurrently trying to push their values on others, especially during these “COVID days”. Statuses such as “You should have a business by now.” “You should have found a self-care routine.” “You should XYZ.” . . . . You should have exactly what you have and what’s for you, operate in your OWN lane and OWN your stuff!

Let’s NOT allow any of the memes or comparison lists to cloud our minds! We are not going to put ourselves in the situation to devalue what we consider an accomplishment and/or allow the internet to pressure us into believing we are “behind” or “less than” no matter what!

Again, take a look back at everything that has happened this year. Do not focus on anyone else, but yourself. Tell yourself three things right now that you’ve accomplished, so far, this year. Hold on to those. Something as simple as “I got up and got dressed daily” is enough

In a season where many have lost their jobs, businesses, and LIVES, you being here is an accomplishment.

There will always be someone downplaying what you have worked for. Do not let that stop you from living and walking in your purpose. In addition, before I conclude, if you are winning in this season and have things to celebrate, do not allow anyone to make you feel bad for praising your own pond! Cheer for you and share your greatness!

Remember, you are right where you are supposed to be and you will succeed. Stay the course!


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