Take a Break

The mindset of  “Working to the Bone” is being challenged, and it’s a wonderful thing. It has been passed down for several generations that we have to run ourselves past the brink of exhaustion just to “make it”.

Who came up with that idea? As a Black woman, I can think of an array of reasons why this mindset is dominant in my culture, but I won’t get into that with this article.

However, I will address that we need to stop glorifying overworking. As a recovering “overworker”, I can stand by this statement! It’s admirable that we see some people going after their goals despite the hand they were dealt in life or even through these challenging times we’ve experienced this year. We’re not talking about that, we’re talking about what’s not so admirable and that is working yourself sick and not being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

There is nothing wrong with slowing down, taking a break, or even having someone else do the work for you. We tend to shy away from luxury as if that’s not something we are working towards.

If you have the means to lessen your load, do it. Stop feeling bad for wanting better. If you are feeling stressed out, take a break. Our bodies have very funny ways of forcing a break on us if we keep going. Choose the break before you’re forced into it!

Hire that person. Take that break. Embrace abundance. You deserve it.


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