Keep Moving Forward

It’s a new month of the life-changing year. I’ve come across many people that felt as though they “failed” in January because they are not where they wanted to be. This mindset is exactly what I wanted to bring up.

The first question that needs to be brought up is, Who told you that you failed? Did someone tell you this or are you comparing yourself to others? If you read my last article, I discussed why we feel as though we need to be in a rush, and why this leads to true failure.

You are in control of most aspects of your life. When you compare, it can lead to negative feelings and the “I failed” mindset. We have over 10 months in this year. Who said you have to have everything completed by the end of January?

It’s important to realize and follow your goals. It’s also important to know that things will get difficult. The road to success is not an easy one. You will want to quit at some moments. Keep pushing through. Most importantly, keep pushing at your own pace.

Yes, some people may find their break early. That’s great for them. What you need to focus on is you and you only. Keep moving, keep pushing through. Your day will come soon.

“Find your pace, Win your Race”- Tabitha D. James


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