It Starts and Ends with You

We’re knocking on the Holiday season, and this is the time of year when we begin to reflect on the year while starting to set goals for the next one. One MAJOR thing many forget to consider when planning for the new year — mindset!

You can write down and set foot to complete as many goals as you’d like, however, if your mindset isn’t where it should be, you’ll be right at the same place you started or worse.

Does mindset really play that big of a role in our lives? Yes. Have you ever wanted something so badly that you could see yourself having it? However, you would downplay actually getting it. “I would never be able to afford that”. “That will never happen for me”. “I feel crazy for wanting that”. The list goes on.

We CAN get what we want. It may not come when we really want it, but it can come. When you are constantly thinking negatively about the situation, your negativity will continue to block your ability to make it happen.

When you’re setting your goals and visions, try replacing those lingering feelings with words like “I can” or “ I will”. It takes some practice, but watch how things change when you are functioning at a higher vibration. Shift from “trying” to “doing” and from “wanting” to “having” — it all begins in your head. Mindset matters!

Don’t continue to unconsciously block your blessings. Operate High, Stay High.


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