Invest in YOU: Surviving Corona

Coronavirus is everywhere. Not literally, but our minds are filled with it multiple times a day. While it’s great to be cautious and aware, there should also be a limit on how much we consume.

Everything is locking down. Businesses are closing. More cases seem to be popping up. Again, it’s important to know the facts, but this can be damaging to see multiple times a day for our mental well-being.

During this time, it’s okay to turn the TV off for awhile. It’s okay to take a break from Social Media. While we deal with the things we can’t control, we should be focusing on how we can invest in ourselves.

Instead of plugging in on the details of the virus every hour, take the time to read, find new activities with loved ones, invest in a new course, but most importantly, find time to refill yourself. Take a random soak in the tub, try yoga, sit and do nothing. These may sound “crazy”, but we often get so wrapped up in our lives that we forget to slow down and take care of ourselves.

Use this time to invest in yourself; your mind and body will thank you later.


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