How to Make the Best Version of You

It’s almost the end of January and the “New Year, New Me” is still in full swing. However, by the end of March, the “This is my Year”, and “New Me 2020” post almost vanish. People fall in love with the thought of an improved “me”, but what they fail to realize is the amount of work it really takes.

I like to see others around me succeeding, so I came up with a system, I call it the three P’s, to make the best version of you.


In this step, you surround yourself with positivity. This could be as simple as leaving yourself notes with affirmations and/or positive quotes, to changing the people in your life. You attract what you put around yourself.


If you truly want to become a newer version of yourself, then you need to make a plan. What are you wanting to change? What steps are you taking to make that change?


Even though you fill yourself with positivity and plan everything down to the dates, life always has a way of humbling us. This last step is one that can make or break the way you want to form your best self. It is a skill that takes time to form.

As you write out and visualize your goals, think of the three P’s. With this system in mind, you will achieve whatever you put your mind to.


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