Are You Ready for Abundance?

We often dream of making more money, traveling, supporting causes that are meaningful to us, becoming famous, etc, but are we really prepared to handle an overflow?

Before releasing my latest book, I envisioned success, I was quite sure it would do well. I knew it was a message that would resonate with many, however, when the time came, I sold more than I imagined. I prayed for this, I worked for this, but to have it happen was still shocking.

I’m often asked what I did to make this happen, and I simply reply “hard work and reflection”. It seems simple enough, but oftentimes it’s harder than it looks. This means there may be times where you have to choose what is going to bring you to the next step of your continuous goals. Times when you have to step back before stepping forward. Carving out time to reflect on your life, experiences, and connections.

Whatever it takes, do it. However, do not cut into your own personal care and mental sanity. The last thing you want to do is completely shut down when you finally reach the goal you set. You’re going to need fuel to see it through when your overflow comes!

As you’re reading this, take some time to reflect on where you are and where you came from. What progress have you made over the years? As it relates to the goals you’ve set, where are you? What adjustments have you made along the way? What “bullets” have you dodged by changing your path? Write this out. It becomes more real.

Once you do this, see what you have to do to reach the next level. Do you need to invest? Do you need to cut something off? Do you need to adjust your circle? Something we’ve previously discussed!

Once you’ve done some reflection, put your list or map someplace you frequently look.

This self-created resource can be a constant reminder that helps to keep on track. Will there be mistakes? Yes. Will there be times you rest? Absolutely. Will there be changes to the plan? FOR SURE! No matter what, just keep walking your path and preparing. The rest will follow. Prepare for the abundance that’s coming your way!


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