Spring Shot Tabitha D. James

Unleash (v) : to cause a strong force to be released or become unrestrained

My life has been far from a crystal stair, yet I always had the desire to achieve. As an only child growing up in the backwoods of South Carolina, I was built to dream beyond my circumstances and the path had been made clear for me.

Go to college, get a good job, and make sure to stay in the box that was built for the one who “made it out”.

Looking back, I fought at every chance to escape the box of perfection that plagued me. I knew that a life I could design with my special gifts was just on the other side of simply doing the work. I thought I could, and that was enough to push me towards the life I always dreamt of.

Two degrees, two published books, endless miles of travel and more than a decade of professional experiences I could only dream of bring us to this moment, where I have learned how to continually let go of fear and unleash my greatness into the world. It was not without challenge, and I’m grateful for the gift of grace.

I love to serve, and I have been destined to do this purposeful work of helping entrepreneurs obtain their own versions of success. As a business strategist, I help my clients identify what’s holding them back from reaching their ultimate success? Whether you’re like me and need to release the perceptions that others have about your capabilities or simply need to get out of your own way to push to the next level, or just need to see your challenges as problems that can be solved with strategy, I’m here to help you make that happen!


4’11 in stature, 6’4 in strength

Mental Health Awareness is a TOP priority

Only child and caregiver for “Mama Cheryl”

Self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur

Advocate for young brown girls

Volunteers at least 25 hours per week

Resides in a town with less than 500 people

Striving to see all 50 states by 30!

Tabitha D. James is an award winning millennial business strategist, five-time author and global speaker who has helped numerous businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits unleash their greatness! A native of the backwoods of Lake View, SC, Tabitha’s commitment to showing others that they, too can be successful in their corner of the earth stems from her personal journey towards success. Since her youth, Tabitha has created her own definition for success, beginning her working career at the age of 17 and earning two degrees before the age of 25 from Coastal Carolina University and Florida Atlantic University. As a full time entrepreneur, Tabitha’s combined experiences in education and business allow her to help build businesses from the ground up through strategic work plan development, custom logic modules and creating sustainable funding structures. With a leadership mantra that proves, “A true leader not only leads others, but advises and builds them to become leaders as well”, Tabitha has served in several civic leadership roles in the Pee Dee area of South Carolina in many capacities and is also the Founder and Executive Director of S.H.E. Is Me youth mentoring program, which has served more than 40 young women since 2016. Tabitha is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and is truly dedicated to serving all mankind.